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ZTESY USB Bluetooth Adapter



Bluetooth adapter plug and play for transfer file,audio or voice wirelessly for your desktop and laptop PC,allow cell phone,tablet connect to speaker,headset with bluetooth and playing music of transfer voice,update your wired speaker or headset to bluetooth easily.Compatible with 32/64 bit windows 10/8/7/vista / 2000 / xp. Product Features ?Ultra-compact, easy carrying and space saving. ?Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol support. ?Up to 3 Mbps data transfer rate with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) support. ?Networks a Windows computer to Bluetooth devices such as Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Headset, Speaker, etc ?Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, and Vista ?Not compatible with Mac OS,Car stereo systems or TVs Note: ?1. Most Win 8/10 keyboard and mouse can plug & play without installing any external driver. Win 7 need install driver ?2. The User Manual is in the mini CD Which comes with the bluetooth dongle.(PDF File). ?3. It is not recommend to use bluetooth dongle for bose headphones, speaker ?4. Considering more surrounding interference and hinder,we suggest you to use it within 10mrange indoor ?5. It’s better to get much better sound quality by going to Playback Devices and Disable Bluetooth Hands-free Audio.


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