Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions agreement carefully, it contains important information about your rights and obligations, as well as limitations and exclusions that applies to you in this transaction.
The term and condition below apply, unless the customer has signed a separate agreement with Next Technology Ltd., in which case the separate agreement shall govern.
Customers/ Agents are required to check goods/service at point of delivery. No claims on short delivery or damage will be entertained thereafter.

Hardware Warranty

Unless otherwise specified on invoice, all hardware products and components carry a one (1) year warranty due to manufactures defect. Merchandise found to be defective due to negligence or misuse by the user whether intentionally or unintentionally would void warranty. Next Technology will not honour warranties nor claim responsibility for equipment damage due to power surges, data loss due to hard disk failure, viruses or any other software related issues. It is strongly recommended to perform frequent file/data backup. Should the customer require any data retrieval, virus detection & removal, re-installation of drivers, operating system and other retrieval, virus detection & removal, re-installation of drivers, operating system and other application software problems due to any of the above disasters, this will incur a service charge.

Software Warranty

For sale of computers, this warranty does not cover software support, technical software troubleshooting & software installation. (Next Technology will not be responsible for any software related problems).

Software Licence

After the sale of the each computer(s), Next Technology will not be responsible for any software installation & respective licenses installed on the said computer thereafter this transaction. It is strongly recommended to have authentic licences for all software on your computer.

Service Warranty

All service jobs such as (computers/ peripherals repairs and networking) carries a three weeks warranty on the respective service done only. This warranty does not include equipment supplied by customer. Next Technology will not be liable to take responsibility for any failures thereafter three weeks from date of service. There are no warranties on service jobs done by Next Technology and any other company(s) at the same time. Service Warranty holds for jobs done by Next Technology exclusively. All service jobs will be tested and must be approved by customers/agent before signing this invoice.

General Terms

All merchandise supplied or to be delivered remains the property of Next Technology until all monies due including value of any dishonored cheques are paid in full.

Protection Clause

The customer shall be liable for all reasonable COLLECTION and/or LEGAL CHARGES incurred by the Next Technology Ltd in the recovery of any unpaid invoice balance or any sums payable by virtue of a dishonored cheque. Credit charges at the rate of 2% per month will be charged on any balance over 30 days in arrears.Until full payment is made, Next Technology reserves the right to repossess and/or to sell the goods. Next Technology or its agents shall be at liberty to enter upon land or premises/building on which the goods are situated or are thought to be situated. If such goods are not located, then Next Technology may seize or repossess any goods on the debtor’s premises to the vale of the unpaid bills. Expenses incurred for such repossession, storage, resale, etc., shall be at the customer’s cost. Next Technology will not be held liable for such action. Should there be any damages to goods upon repossession, the customer will be liable for expenses incurred or fix damages.