Next Technology Limited is a technology solutions provider with Head Office, located at 27 Mulchan Seuchan Road, Chaguanas, Trinidad, West Indies. The company commenced business operations in 1996 initially as a software solution provider and now is a Dell Preferred Partner Direct and an authorized reseller for American Power Conversion (APC). Since inception, Next Technology Ltd has emerged as a leader in the technology solutions market in with a significant presence in supplying computers and peripherals to Government Ministries, Schools, Corporate Organizations and largely in the personal domestic market. Next Technology Ltd. has positioned itself as a solutions provider in networking, hardware and software technological requirements. Please refer to Appendix A for references on completed projects in the corporate market. Additionally, Next Technology Ltd now owns over 30% of the market in terms of personal computer sales and support in Trinidad and Tobago. To support its strategic growth the company has invested significantly in the training and development of staff to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders in its drive to assume dominance in the local and regional market.

Internal Scan Human Resources

Technology businesses recognize their human resources as their major asset. Next Technology Ltd. is staffed with a cadre of expertly trained and qualified personnel in areas including MCSC, APC, MPC and A+. The company has also successfully developed its manpower towards a customer-oriented focus to ensure satisfaction and build loyalty. There is a relatively low turnover of staff based on industry standards.

Why Choose Us

Financial Strength

Based on standard accounting ratios the company is well leveraged and enjoys excellent relations with its bankers.


Next excels in efficient use of resources at its disposal. The company has effectively balanced quality products with competitive prices.

Customer Service

The organizational culture drives Next Technology Limited towards customer satisfaction. There is a same-day policy for delivery of products and service calls. Additionally, the company and its suppliers are guided by a stringent policy of excellence in service congruent with the Dell name.


The strategic intent of Next Technology Limited is to become the dominant player in the local market for hardware and software supplies and networking solutions. To achieve this goal the company adopts an aggressive marketing mix aimed at preserving its present customer base and winning market share from its competitors.


Trinidad leads the Caribbean in technology and technological advancements. The executive of the day has facilitated this thrust by ensuring the necessary legal framework is in place for unhindered growth. Several governmental initiatives facilitate this growth including this country’s focus on tertiary level education, which emphasizes a technology-based society as one of its principal objectives.

This country is also experiencing a period of unprecedented economic growth. This windfall has endowed most sectors of the society with the financial resources and compulsion to seek cutting edge technology that is also reflective of an affluent environment. Should Trinidad continue along this growth curve the country can in the medium term appropriately refer to itself as a knowledge-based society and will demand the technological framework to support this quantum leap.

Focus on Business


Next uses several feedback mechanisms to inform its strategy. The global providers of technology solutions rapidly introduce new and more efficient products and services. Next keeps abreast of changes at both ends of the supply chain in terms of advances by providers and changing needs of clients. The company is not hesitant in informing the local market of these changes and recommending updated solutions.

Strategic Focus

Previously stated is the company intent to dominate the market locally in hardware, software and networking solutions. The company also possesses the capability to diversify its operations in other areas of information technology. Geographically, Next Technology Ltd aims to expand operations to other areas under the Caribbean Single Market & Economy (CSME).